Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year,New Blog, New me?

This Past year was crazy and amazing and went by way to quickly!
This new year I plan to take more pictures of my boys, because gosh do they grow up way to fast!
And now that things have slowed down a bit around here and we are back into our routine, I'm finally having time to edit my own personal pictures. And I have a ton of them, so expect to see them popping up on the blog and Facebook from time to time :)
I thought It would be good for me and good for the business to have a blog, another way for everyone to keep in touch and have a view into my world. This is still a work in progress so expect to see changes happening all the time. I love to change things, so don't expect them to stay the same lol
This week I announced that I will be participating in a Valentine themed auction, for more information you can check out girlybowsnmore's facebook page or you can check out the event page here.
I'm auctioning off three photo sessions they are as follows:
30 min session bidding starts at $10.00 
1 hour session bidding starts at $20.00
2 hour session bidding starts at $30.00

~Angel Musick Night Owl Photography